Cyber Services

Turnbull Services in partnership with ISSP, specializes in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, offering a wide range of services from consulting and integration of cybersecurity technologies to managed security services. Our capabilities encompass everything from penetration and security testing, vulnerability assessments, incident management, and compliance management to advanced areas such as cyber attacks and malware analysis, reverse engineering, and cybersecurity R&D. ISSP also features a training center that provides professional education and certification programs in cybersecurity.

Key Services:
  • 1. Cybersecurity consulting, compromise and vulnerability assessment, penetration, and security testing
  • 2. Managed Security Services including Managed Detection and Response, Incident Management, Compliance Management, Security Platform management
  • 3. Cyber attacks and malware analysis, reverse engineering, challenging computer forensics tasks, R&D in cybersecurity, and threat intelligence
  • 4. Professional training including vendor certified technology training courses, professional education, and cybersecurity certification programs